Our Responsibility To Save Lives

Intertek Fire Test

At Birdi, our mission is to save lives and make people healthier. We can’t take this responsibility more seriously.

I’m happy to say we’ve made exciting progress towards this since our last update:

  1. Raised $700K in funding from a few of the most well-known investors in Silicon Valley

  2. Validated our design for manufacturing and assembly with our overseas partners

  3. Hired a great team 

  4. Hit a milestone in our life safety certification

  5. Started recruiting beta testers (that could be you!). More on this at the bottom of this message

Initially we had planned for an October 2014 ship date and we’ve had to push that back a bit. The good news is that that Birdi is still shipping units this year. But we’re legally prohibited from distributing a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm until we successfully pass the required life safety certifications.

Right now, our CTO and my co-founder Justin is leading testing our devices in the Intertek life safety lab. We’re thrilled to announce that the team hit our 1st major milestone in the certification process. This success validates our mechanical design and overall architecture, which is why I’m able to report about our progress today.

Birdi Testing at Intertek

The road to life safety certification is fraught with challenges, but I promise you this: we will never compromise on your security. Other “smart” products rushed to market before they were ready and were removed from the shelves. In our life and death scenario, we won’t let that happen. To assure this and to fulfill our legal requirements as well, we’ll be undergoing additional tests for the next few months and delivering the fully-featured product to your door early next year.

While we’re prevented from shipping in October, we still want to be true to our promise of delivering something wonderful. Question to you, our backers: would you want to join our early Beta program and receive one of your devices early, with only the air quality monitoring features and not fire or carbon monoxide? If so, please reach out to us at beta@birdi.io and we’ll work with some of you to test, build and iterate together.

Given the outpouring of interest we’ve seen, we’ll do our best to update you monthly on progress in testing, in manufacturing and with some of our public health epidemiological research. Thanks again for your ongoing support as we continue the journey from concept to product to your home.


Mark & The Birdi Team

From Demo Day to Awards

Award Winning

It’s World Cup fever over here at Birdi HQ. But unlike some of our favorite teams, we’re continuing to win, win, win.

Our team has been heads-down, putting the finishing touches on the product, but emerging at times to get feedback from experts in the field. To do that, we entered into a few contests and continue to be humbled by the positive responses.

At O’Reilly Solid conference, we entered into the Startup Showcase. The event was a great deep-dive on hardware from industry experts at the cutting edge. We were honored to take away a prize alongside audience award winners, our fellow Highway1 friends, Podo Labs.

Our victory streak even extended overseas, where we were invited to be part of the MLOVE Conference outside of Berlin. Our new German friends were very kind in awarding us the "Internet of Things" prize. The 40,000 strong NY Tech Meetup community also invited us to present onstage recently. We’re excited that people around the world are showing passion about what we’re building. Already we’ve been translated into 15 languages and we want to keep expanding to make sure that we can help make people around the world safer and healthier.

Saving Lives

At Birdi we’re making a device that will save lives. We take this extremely seriously and are working tirelessly to make the best and most reliable product on the market, along with a wonderful experience and elegant aesthetics. We hope that these victories are an indication that we’re on the right track. And in fact, we’re undefeated. So far we’ve won every competition we’ve entered into, from the NYC BigApps Cleanweb Hackathon that we started at to the AT&T Developer Summit at CES to becoming Entrepreneurs in Residence for the City of San Francisco.

And we’re adding to our winning team. If you know anyone who wants to save lives and make people healthier, have them reach out to us.

What’s Next

We’re going through the rigorous certification process to make sure that we pass all of the necessary government standards to be sold as a smoke + CO alarm. There’s nothing more important than building an experience that will reliably last for at least the next 10 years. It’s a rare challenge in a world where so many technologies are disposable. All the more reason for us to work hard to make sure we make great life-saving products that are a win for the environment and a win for us all.

Thanks again and follow on FacebookTwitterAngelList & our Website for more frequent updates.

Part Of The Connected Smarthome

Want a home of the future? So do we. Birdi was part of the Qualcomm SmartHome of the future at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Want to see us in action? Check out this video of us there to see lights change color, the TV pop up a warning and the smart door lock open as soon as Birdi senses smoke. At SXSW, we even demoed our app on the iControl OpenHome system to show what we would look like integrated with many of the existing home security systems.

On the technical front, we’ve been prepping for testing and certification to be sold as official fire protection equipment. We’ve already flown our team out and run some tests in the official laboratory facilities. It was exciting to see, even though we weren’t allowed to take pictures and hope to get the official safety stamp of approval soon. The Birdi team is growing as we speed along, in case you know anyone who’s interested in helping us save lives and make people healthier.

Pre-orders are now available on the Grand St. store and if you enter the coupon code “flybirdifly” you can get a $10 discount if you head to getbirdi.com and order from Shoplocket. This offer is exclusive to our Indiegogo supporters since you’ve been our bat signal from the start, helping to bring us out to save the day. 

As always, thanks and we’ll be sharing more news soon here, as well as on FacebookTwitter & on our Website.


Mark & the whole Birdi team.